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XPECT Executive Clarity Service

Our XPECT Executive Clarity service is designed to help top management leverage accounting and operational data to make better business decisions.  There are three components to this service:

  • XPECT assists management in developing an operational profile of the business tied to strategic objectives and the company’s data capabilities.
  • XPECT reviews relevant financial and operational data on a monthly or quarterly basis and analyzes results based on the operational profile. A management report is prepared showing summarized data and key performance indicators.
  • An XPECT professional participates in a monthly or quarterly management meeting to overview results and discuss implications for the business from a strategic planning perspective.

Vision Building and Strategic Planning Services

Build a compelling vision and support it with effective strategic planning!  Services are tailored to your specific needs.  Vision building is handled in a vision building workshops where our professionals engage with your leadership team to develop a common vision.  Strategic planning begins with a long-term view of the business and works back to specific one-year targets.  We then help you break down the goals into manageable objectives that will give life to the long-term vision for the business.  We also provide coaching on managing your strategic objectives to ensure objectives are met and accountability exists within the system.  Our services can be retained on an ongoing basis to facilitate and lead this process for your business as needed.

Business Fraud Risk Assessment

We conduct a tailored risk assessment on either specific areas of operations or for your business as a whole.  The deliverables from our work include a risk assessment report and a detailed review with your management team of the report and our recommendations.  You may also choose to engage us on an ongoing basis to assist you in remediating identified risks and implementing action steps contained in the report.

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